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Strategic Selling Skills

Business to Business selling can be a very complex and challenging function even to competent and experienced managers. This is because multiple dynamic variables often have to be managed to achieve successful results for every individual sales objective. Until a sales transaction is fully concluded, the sales process is considered an adventure by most sales personnel.

Strategic Selling Skills takes the business–to–business sales process from the realm of adventure to the realm of joint venture between the selling and the buying organization. It brings the expected outcome of the proposed sales transaction from the realm of chances to the realm of choices by demystifying and minimizing uncertainties involved in the decision process. While most industrial selling training focuses on tactical skills required for persuading and convincing decision-makers within the buying organization, strategic selling skills focus on ensuring that these skills are utilized on the right person, at the right time, and addressing the right motives.

Strategic selling skills achieve these objectives by providing skills and information that enable the sales personnel to: evaluate the customer psychographics for profile compatibility; accurately locate her relative position strength concerning specific sales objectives; identify key buying roles and current players for that objective; evaluate their level of reception her proposed solutions; and device the appropriate line of action.


  • Conceptual Overview of Complex Sales and Strategic Selling Skills
  • Key elements and Philosophy of Strategic Selling Skills
  • Understanding, Locating, and Contacting Buying Influences
  • The CCS Tools of Strategic Selling Skills
  • Understanding and Managing Customer response Modes
  • Identifying and Utilizing Buying Influences WIN-RESULTS
  • Developing, Evaluating, and Utilizing Customer Psychographics profile
  • Managing the Strategic Sales Funnel

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