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Every private or public organization is usually composed of different ..functional units such as Finance, Administration, Operations, Human Resources, and Information Technology etc.

Even though the organization is supposed to be driven by one corporate vision and mission, managers and staff from these units often view issues mainly from their departmental perspectives. This situation usually results in inter-departmental conflicts, which often result in localized low morale and productivity among staff.

Strategic Management Skills training is aimed at improving the company’s internal synergy and competitive advantage by providing knowledge and information that will dissolve the mental partition among managers and staff of different units of the company.


  • Conceptual Overview of Strategic Management
  • Components of Strategic Management Process
  • Strategic Planning and Control Techniques
  • Understanding and Managing Invisible Corporate Assets
  • Strategic Use of Financial Information
  • Understanding and Managing Staff Performance
  • Understanding Markets and Competition
  • Information Technology as tool for Strategic Management
  • Development and Implementation of Market Leading Competitive Strategies
  • Case Analysis, Group Discussions and Modelling



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