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What is Psychometrics?

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The word psychometric is derived from two words “psyche” – mind; and “Metrics” – Measurements

Psychometric instruments are set of questions designed to measure some characteristics of the human mind or emotions. Because the mind and emotions control human behavior, accurate and statistically validated psychometric tests have the ability to explain and predict human behaviors.

Most psychometric assessments available in textbooks and internet sites are not statistically validated or reliable, therefore they are not accurate measures or predictors of behavior. 

All psychometric tests published on Psychospace International websites are statically validated. All our psychometric tests are reliable for the parameters they measure.  They have also passed through very rigorous statistical evaluation and were found to possess very high face, content, constructs, and criterion validity for the parameters they measure.


Psychometric Tests

WorkIQ Test

Accurate Predictor for High Work Performance Origin of WorkIQ WorkIQ is based on the research, identifying key factors separating star performers from average performers in

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Job Match Test

Why Job Match Test? Research in industrial psychology shows that people are motivated to work by two fundamental reasons: The love for their work and

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Migenius Test

Who is a Genius? The dictionary defines a genius as somebody with exceptional ability, and whose intellectual achievements gain wide recognition in a specific area

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