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Why Job Match Test?

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Research in industrial psychology shows that people are motivated to work by two fundamental reasons: The love for their work and the tangible rewards it offers. Those who do the work they love are found to always do more than is required of them. They go the ‘extra mile’ and consistently deliver more value than they are paid in money.
The question is: what makes people love their jobs?

Steve Covey, in his book titled the 8th habit identified four factors that are common among highly fulfilled knowledge workers: Talents, Passion, Need, and Conscience. People fall in love with their jobs when the job offers them the opportunity to frequently experience a state of flow – in which there is an intersection of their talents, passion, a great need in the organization and an inner approval from their conscience. Talent is the most tangible and the most measurable of all the four variables. Accurately identifying and understanding a person’s core talents is the key to unlocking the different types of assignments that staff will naturally love.

What Is Job Match Test?

Job Match Test is a detailed psychological inventory test used for the purpose of identifying unique core talents, and dominant Intelligence of staff within an organization. The formula and interpretation technique used by Job Match Test form the basis of Critical Human Resources Management decisions in leading organizations such as IBM, Microsoft, Apple Computer, Exxon, General Electric, 3M Company and even the US Armed forces.


Why Is Job Match Test Important To Staff Productivity?

Effective Talents – Skills Match

Utilizing the Job Match Test exposes the management to the extent of congruence that exists between a staff’s inherent personality style and his qualification/job function. Even though most personalities can be trained to acquire skills in any area of business, the tendency to enjoy, excel and be successful in the long-term in a specific job function is highly dependent on the talent-skills congruence. Although, a man can acquire the skills to swim, he is not likely going to be as effective as a fish.

Job Match Test therefore ensures that the management is able to put square pegs in square holes, not just based on qualifications, but also on inherent personality make-up.

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Improves Staff Motivation
Job Match Test ensures that your organization is able to develop personality-based motivational incentives. Recent research in Industrial Psychology now shows that while staff with some specific personality style will respond to incentives such as open recognition and appreciation for their efforts, other personalities may not be motivated to better performance by such gestures. Accurate identification of staff personality ensures that they are effectively motivated by compensating them with those things they attach significant importance to.

Effective Team Composition and Management

Job Match Test helps the management to maximize team/committee composition and efficiency by ensuring that teams are not inaccurately made-up of individuals of similar personality make-up. This means that the benefits of mental synergy in group activities can then be maximized, thus improving organization productivity.

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Leadership and Supervision Effectiveness

Job Match Test result exposes the likely type of leadership style to which a subordinate will effectively respond. Also, it provides clues as to the likely leadership techniques that may be adopted by a given Manager or Supervisor if in position of authority. This means that Managers will be able to lead greater number of people more effectively because they can now adopt leadership styles that take care of different personalities. It also prevents the frequent errors of trying to impose leadership styles on managers based on what worked for previous leaders. Managers can therefore use a leadership style that is in consonance with their personalities, without compromising organizational goals.

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