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What is Findex?

Financial Success Index (FINDEX) is a measure of a person’s awareness and utilization of her financial potential. It measures a person’s ability to achieve financial success in any endeavor, whether as an employee or employer in any society in the world.

FINDEX is based on findings from comprehensive research into the lives of the world-leading millionaires and successful people conducted and documented in the works published by Dr. Thomas Stanley, Mark Victor Hansen, Robert G. Allen and George Clason.

What Findex Is Not

FINDEX is not a measure of a person’s intelligent quotient. It has nothing to do with a person’s ability to cope with complex analysis, logic, or abstraction. It has however been found to highly correlate with a person’s ability to generate, retain and multiply money as well as a person’s ability to manipulate factors of her environment to generate money directly or indirectly.

Having a very high FINDEX score (85% or above) does not imply that the person with the score is already a multimillionaire in physical cash or assets. However, it does mean that the person possesses a mental code that is similar to that possessed by over 90% of the world’s leading millionaires and financially successful people. Just as an apple seed will become a tree and bear numerous apples in due course, a person with a high score will eventually become financially successful, if she maintains her mentality and habits in the current direction and reinforces them with fundamental knowledge, skills and experience.

Similarly, the fact that a person has a very low FINDEX score (Less than 50%), does not imply that the person may not possess large amounts of cash or assets right now. It means that her mental code is similar to that observed among financially unsuccessful people around the world. This means that unless something is done to reverse the person’s mental code, she may end up being financially unsuccessful or poor. This is because every entity will eventually revert to its original state of being.

FINDEX does not measure a genetic, hereditary or static personality trait that cannot be changed. On the contrary, it measures a dynamic financial mental code, which is acquired by a person over years of subconscious programming. Therefore, in spite of how low a person’s current FINDEX score may be, it can be improved upon if the individual is willing to make the necessary adjustments and is committed to identifying her limiting FINDEX components and acquiring requisite knowledge, skills, habits, passion, experience etc that will significantly increase it.

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