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Supervisory Management is a middle-level management function. Involves planning, organizing, coordinating, and controlling organizational resources. This position is a particularly challenging one because of its intermediary role between top-level management staff and the staff they are directly supervising.

A major problem at this level of management is the role conflict that managers often experience as a result of trying to satisfy the expectations from top-level management on one hand and those from their subordinate staff on the other. The ability of a supervisory manager to perform his roles and expectations successfully in that position is highly dependent on his possession of combined skills in management, human relations, and leadership.


  • Conceptual Overview of the Peculiarities and Challenges of Supervisory Management
  • Understanding Organizational Structures, Hierarchies & Relationships
  • Organizational Communication Skills
  • Understanding Group Dynamics and Leadership Skills
  • Principles of Effective Delegation
  • Understanding and Managing Staff Motivation and Performance
  • Conflict Resolution and Management
  • Understanding and Managing your Boss
  • Understanding and Managing Organizational Power and Politics
  • Case Analysis, Group Discussion

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