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Organizational Performance is a function of the performance of individual ..staff within an organization. The ability of the management to measure, predict, and sustain individual performance will naturally determine the organization’s performance. The major objective of a company’s recruitment and selection process, therefore, is to attempt to accurately identify and recruit candidates with top-performing potentials.


This objective is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to achieve in the modern economy. This is because, while the candidates are becoming more skillful at passing conventional selection interviews and tests, most organizations are tenaciously holding unto these conventional tools and techniques for recruiting candidates.


This course is aimed at providing the management and staff of your organization with modern information, tools and techniques used for effective recruitment and retention of Top Performing Candidates.





  • Overview of Current Challenges in Recruitment and Selection in Modern Economies
  • Processes and Tools of Effective Recruitment Programmes
  • Effective Techniques for Attracting Top Performing Candidates
  • Effective Resume Evaluation Using CCE System
  • Critical Skills Requirement Isolation Techniques, and Customized Evaluation System
  • Effective Interview Questioning Skills
  • Modern Techniques for Identifying, Interpreting and Responding to Candidate’s Behavioural Patterns Using NLP and MQS Tools
  • Effective Techniques for Evaluating and Interpreting Candidate’s Personality Codes
  • Effective Measurement and Interpretation of Candidate’s Inner Motivation Potential
  • Approaches to Measuring Candidates’ Integrity
  • Basic Principles and Techniques of Retaining Top Performing Candidates


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