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Effective Profits and Performance Delivery Skills for Staff

Every organization desires profits from their investments, performance from their staff and progress on their strategic plans. Every employee also wants to have progress on their career, profits on their skills investments and performance on management promises. Both the organization and her employees are therefore in pursuit of the three key success variables: profits, progress, and performance.

As important as these variable are to the organization, 98% of employees have never been exposed to organized body of knowledge and skills that enables them to achieve these key variables in their own individual lives. So while the company management is determined and focused on achieving profits, progress, and performance, most employees are not. This is because most employees are not enjoying the economic and psychological benefits of such variables in their own lives. They are therefore not inwardly motivated or nor excited about the company’s pursuit of these success variables. This situation naturally slows down the rate at which the company can achieve her critical objectives, because staffs constitute a critical success factor in achieving such objectives.

Effective Profits and Performance Delivery Skills is training programme aimed at transforming the minds of employees from parasitic to symbiotic mentality and from average to star performers’ mentality.


  • Understanding Profits
  • 4 Key Drivers Individual and Corporate Profits
  • Law of Financial Momentum
  • 5 Immutable laws of Money
  • Developing Usable Initiatives
  • Plugging into the Knowledge
  • Working with multi-dimensional Perspective
  • Strategic Followership Skills

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