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Research in Psychology shows that over 70% of individuals and corporate actions result from imitation, habit, or suggestion. This phenomenon explains why many companies quickly lose their competitive advantage when that advantage comes from visible factors such as new technology, new products or geographical locations. These things are susceptible to imitation or even outright duplication by competitors.

One source of competitive advantage, which is very difficult to imitate or buy, is innovation. Innovation is the art of producing new and valuable ideas or things from already existing knowledge or information.

Creative thinking is the mother of innovation.

Today’s business world is overcrowded with raw knowledge and information, yet real business solutions remain scarce commodities. Never in the history of man has there been a more critical need for innovation? Individuals and organizations that intend to achieve or sustain market leadership must therefore embrace Creative Thinking as an organizational philosophy.


  • Conceptual Overview of Creative Thinking
  • The Necessity for Creative Thinking Skills in a Competitive Economy
  • Brain Anatomy and The Creative Thinking Process
  • Components and Dimensions of Creative Thinking Skills
  • The Fundamental Philosophy of Creative Problem Solvers
  • Processes and Rules of Creative Thinking
  • Individual and Group Creative Thinking Techniques
  • Creative Thinking in Business Management
  • Implementing Creative Business Ideas
  • Creative Thinking Practical Sessions

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