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Consummating and sustaining major business relationships between buyers and sellers often involve significant investments in activities such as bid preparation, requirements evaluation, proposal development, follow-up visits, phone calls, traveling, and sales presentations. These activities, which sometimes run for several weeks or months, may eventually culminate in a business negotiation meeting.

Unlike other aspects of the sales process, negotiation is usually a non-sequential process involving different parties with divergent motives, relationships, and behaviors. Unfortunately, the success or failure of such a meeting will have far-reaching consequences on the business of the parties involved.

Successfully handling the complexity of issues, relationships, and goals involved in a business negotiation requires the possession of critical skills by business executives.



  • Conceptual Overview of Sales and Negotiation Process
  • Identifying Buying Signals and Sales Closing Techniques
  • Understanding Fundamental Framework Influencing Business Negotiation Situations
  • Identifying and Managing Stages of Business Negotiation
  • Understanding and Managing Roles, Behaviors and Motives in Business Negotiation
  • Business Negotiation Strategies and Tactics
  • Handling Negotiation Breakdown
  • Business Negotiation Closing Techniques
  • Managing Post Negotiation Relationships
  • Case Analysis, Group Discussion


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