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Research in management shows that over 95% of all important transactions …and activities in an organization end in a written document (real or electronic form).  It was also indicated that one of the major factors that differentiates successful managers from their unsuccessful counterparts is their ability to effectively communicate verbally and in writing.  Yet less than 10% of business executives have actually gone through formal, detailed or thorough training on business writing skills. This explains why senior business executives find it difficult to delegate the function of business writing to their subordinates, thereby tying down expensive executive time.

Advanced business writing is aimed at providing information, skills and competence required by business executives to develop and write effective business documents.


  • Conceptual Overview Of Business Communication
  • Classification And Peculiarities Of Business Correspondence
  • Concept Of Reader’s Perception, Audience, Targets And Time In Business Writing
  • Understanding And Influencing Readers Psychology
  • Language, Structure And Rules Of Business Writing
  • Practical Case Studies And Samples Of Business Writing

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